Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Night of Adventure

It was the usual Saturday night. After coming from office, it was the time for relaxation. My friend had some cans of beers with him. Time to chill out! Along with 2 more friends we had a can of beer each. The dinner was also ready and the drinks and food was over by 11 pm.
“Hey lets go somewhere”, TS said. “Ok”, I quipped. So here we went, 4 of us on 3 bikes. Straight away we went to the bridge to enjoy some cool breeze. After beer we were a bit unsteady.

Even though it was late night the traffic on the bridge was as bad as ever. Constant honking of horns, the screech of tires breaking, the motor cyclists snaking in between the big cars, a total madness! The Kulfi wala was standing near to the crowd selling his kulfis. We had one each. The kulfi was long and white and tasty. But the unsteady hand of mine dropped the kulfi even before I had a chance to lick it. So I got another one. The one unusual thing about these big bridges is that whenever a big vehicle passes over it, it sways gently. The gentle swaying was felt by me but initially I couldn’t be sure whether it was the vehicle or the beer. It was vehicle alright.
Finally after sometime we all came back to the initial question, where next? Shall we go to vapi? Nah! Too far! What about Narmada Dam? Too long and too tiring! Then suddenly DA said, “Hey let us go to Hazira. Maybe we can see the industries there!!” What a nice idea. Going for an industrial visit in the middle of night! Is the area even open at night? Well there is only one way to find out. Before we knew we were on our way to Hazira.

AS accidently took the turn to Piplod and I followed him. DA and TS went via Adajan. Riding along the Gaurav Path at 12 is a wonderful experience. The traffic is light, the road is nice and it is easy to maintain a speed of 80 kmph. After breezing through it, we ended up at Magdalla Bridge. The moon was at half point and the view of the moon over the skyline of city was a breath taking sight. We were completely mesmerized by the seductive glow of the moon casting a pale light over the Tapi River. As we were enjoying this view, DA and TS turned up. After some photo-shoots on the bridge we started for Hazira.
Winding up our way in between the trucks plying in the night we moved ahead to Kawas, smoking along the way. The road to Hazira is pretty much straight. The industrial belt of Hazira starts with the BPCL depot. After that there are a series of industries lining along the way. We got a glimpse of Kribco, with an impressive entry on the left side and the Kribco colony on the right. The actual chemical and fertilizer factory was far from view but it reminded me of the acid factory from the movie of the same name. Lining the road to Hazira came along the NTPC power project and then came the huge area of Reliance.
The Reliance Industries has a huge campus and is spread over a large area. Two gates are for entry of people and two gates at the farthest side are for trucks only. Now the road took a turn and then came a straight stretch of road of approx. 10 km. the reliance industries had a tower with a fire burning at top. The fire was strange in the sense that it was more of a fast burning type rather than the slow moody fire that we usually see in refineries. The Reliance color gave way to the lush campus of L & T which looked very good in the night light. But admit it; their campus was much smaller than the Reliance.
The straight road marked with speed bumps regularly made us go to speeds of 100kmph to 40kmph every few minutes. Three of the bikes riding along in uniform fashion were a sight to watch. Well not for us but for somebody watching us of course. The L & T then gave away to the mighty ESSAR. Now I am not exaggerating or anything but EASSAR was mighty big. It stretches all along the sea coast end to end. Spread on both sides of the road, we get a feeling that one is being covered by the sheer size of the industry. Long stretches of long vehicles lined the way on both sides, some of them moving slowly ahead, lumbering their huge long trailer behind. There was even a railway track cutting across the road and pathways over the road! We went on and on. At last we left the mighty ESSAR behind and touched the sea coast.
There were some boats along the coast. One was docked near the road. The road seemed to stretch on forever. After a looong time, we came to a barrier gate. Turned out it was the maximum that we could go. So we parked our bikes on the middle of the road and lit a cigarette. We could see some people sitting near the barrier gate. We started chatting and shouting after a puff of smoke and were just talking. TS said, “Ah, nice adventure.”
“This is not an adventure. An adventure in such a situation is when a police convoy comes and takes us to station”, I remarked. Nervous laughs.
Barely had 15 minutes passed that another motorist came towards us with Hi Beam fully on. I was squinting to see who it was. My heart skipped a beat when I saw the silhouette of a rifle on the back of the pillion rider.
“ Kaun ho tum log? Yaha Kya kar rahe ho? ” Asked the policeman. What followed next was some stupid explanation from our side why we were there in the middle of industry area at such an unearthly hour with no identity card and no business of being there. The policeman took our bike numbers and ordered us to come to police station. Reluctantly we followed.
The policeman with the gun sat behind me and we went off. We reached the police station and gave our driving license to the in-charge there. DA didn’t even have license. Thankfully TS, AD and I had one. The policeman thrashed us asking us whether this was a picnic spot or anything, roaming here in the middle of the night. We were looking here and there, and repeatedly our eyes were being hypnotized by the only lock up available there. In or out was the question in our minds. It was a Saturday night and if we go in we will not go out till Monday. It was a dilemma. Who will run the plant on Monday??

But thanks to our lucky stars he let us go. Spreading the butter over the toast was the fact that they had written all the details on the visiting card of DA which he returned to us. So no evidence of us being in Jail! Bach gaye. Turns out, we had our night of adventure after all.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


In the last post I talked about how it was difficult for pedestrians to walk through in the domlur junction. But now I am glad that I am walking and not driving. This happens when it starts to rain. The previous day or rather the previous night we were planning to go back home from office.

We had been given some work as part of the project (the first work we had got) and we stayed back to make sure that it is finished on time. So by the time we started from office it was 10. Now after a long period of time, it was raining heavily in Bangalore. We were 5 people, one person had a bike and remaining people were walking. So we asked a auto the rate for going home. It is barely one km from here but he asked for 100 rupees. We bluntly refused. The auto person warned that it was full of water and difficult to walk. I was wearing sandals and not shoes so I said I don’t care and we walked on. Two people went on bike. Remaining three of us walked.

The initial part of the road was ok. We walked a bit. But then we saw that there was only water in front and no road. A lot of cars were going there. I asked for a lift in one of them. He asked me where I worked. I said IBM. He said,” hop on” and also added “hope you have not misunderstood me asking such a question. I said no not at all. I wanted lift only till the main road as I planned to walk as soon as the water level goes down. Now when I reached the main road, I was left with my mouth gaping.

One side of the road was full of water. Now just saying full won’t justify it at all. It was overflowing from the right to the left side. The water level was at least 3 feet deep. There was a traffic block there. Going forward I saw that one of the cars, an alto was lying at an oblong angle on that road. The water was till the window sill, some half feet below the window. The engine got off and the car was literally floating. Some cars went past it and due to the wave caused by that this car was moving around in water. The partition between the two roads was high and it was like a dam. The water was till the brim and overflowing. Some places where some of the bricks had broken off, the water was gushing like the water flowing from a dam. When one car passed the wave caused by that caused a larger volume of water to flow and some people in bikes had to get down to prevent being swept away. The bikers were taking the bikes up through the separation and moving to the opposite road. There was a traffic jam for at least 2 km. auto rikshaws lifted their vehicles and kept it on safer and higher ground. The Bangalore traffic and road were in a pitiable state. It was at this moment that I realized why people say walking is good for health. 

Bangalore Bytes

It has been three months since I have come to Bangalore. I have moved here and there. I have seen quite a few places, roamed around certain areas. Recently we were shifted to a new office. It is in domlur. Those who are in Bangalore know where the place is, right? Well when we went there for the first time, we didn’t know where the place was exactly. So we got down at a stop after a very long and tedious journey.
We got down before the domlur junction. Now there is no junction as such but there is a very big and somewhat classy flyover. We looked at it in wonder. Now the job was to cross the flyover as our office was on the other side. If we are in a vehicle it is very easy to go to the other side as we just need to climb the flyover and get down at the other side. Now what about pedestrians like us? We checked if there is any way of crossing along the flyover. Tough luck! Even cycle is not allowed on flyover. Next we tried to go underneath the flyover. Tougher luck! A big sewer canal was flowing beneath it. So there was only one way. Go to left or right. Right was out of question as we had to cross road to do that. So we settled for the left as went along the road on the left. It snaked its way in a big curvy fashion and ended some half a kilometer away. We reached there but along the whole way we were searching for a place in between where we can slip through to reach the other road. But no way was there. Then at last we reached the end of the road. From there we took a u turn and made for the other road.
Now let me tell you that there is no footpath there. We somehow managed to get to the mid partition of the road and had to wait another 10 minutes in the hot sun to cross the next road. All the rain had made the matter the matter worse. There was water on the road and on the side walk. The water on the road was splashed every time the vehicles passed by drenching the people standing on the side walk. We took a safe route and made our way in such a way that we could avoid that area. Even then, the side walk winded along the way in a manner decided by rain. There was water everywhere. The water from the gutter, from the rain, from the broken pipes and don’t know where else. My new black leather shoes now looked brown as if it is freshly polished. Somehow we managed to reach the entrance of the EGL( Embassy Golf Links) and from there it was ok. We went straight to the fourth floor and reported to the manager.

Monday, July 21, 2008


One of the biggest differences between Bangalore and Kerala is the difference in the prices of ticket for movies.

There are two types of theatres in Kerala. I still remember going for the film Achuvinte Amma at Ponnani (Malappuram) for Rs.20. I could have taken the ticket for Rs.10 too but I settled for Rs.20. the seats were wooden and straight. It was very uncomfortable to sit in the same position for long time. But what the hell! We came to see the movie not inspect the seats.

Then, there are theatres in bigger places like the Ragam theatre in Thrissur. These theatres are big and spacious. The seats are cushioned and slightly retracting. But they are comfortable enough to watch the movie for 2-3 hours. The a.c. is decent with moderate cooling even though they sometimes switch it off by mid movie. But no complaints! All these for a mere Rs.40. and if the movie happens to be good one, it’s an added bonus.

And then comes, multiplexes.

I haven’t gone to any multiplex in Kerala and I don’t know if there is one anywhere. The first time I went to a multiplex was when I went to Darjeeling. I went to the INOX multiplex to watch the movie Darna Zaroori Hai. The cost of the ticket was Rs.55. the movie was ok (no further comments). The multiplex experience was good. Initially I felt as if I paid more to sit closer to the screen but later I realized a hidden good feeling in it. The experience was good. The a.c was in the correct temperature and the seats were good. Overall it was nice. The I went to a multiplex in Bangalore.

I am not naming the multiplex. (Clue: it’s in marthahalli). The movie was Forbidden Kingdom. It was the first free weekend after coming to Bangalore and we had to go to some theatre. There is a theatre quite near to out place but a kannada movie was playing in that. So we decided to go to Inno. (Code name for the multiplex at marthahalli) we booked two tickets via phone. There were two options – gold or silver. I was half tempted to ask for bronze but then we booked in silver. The person gave a reference no and a time to come there. We reached there and went to the counter. And the rate was, wait for it……, it was Rs.200!!! Before I dwell into describing the theatre let me tell you the cost details of multiplexes in Bangalore.

Weekdays ---- Rs.70. That is a decent price. But who has time to go on a weekday? Maybe Friday. But then

Friday ---- Rs. 150 before 12 noon and

Rs. 200 afternoons.

Weekends – Rs. 200

Gold class – Rs.500!! (Food coupon for Rs 150!!)

Just for comparison, I can watch 25 movies for the amount I pay to watch in gold class. Or a minimum of 10 movies in a good theatre! Now this is too much. I really don’t know if it is the same everywhere or is it there just in Bangalore? And, what about the local single theatres? The ticket cost there is Rs.50. it is a good setup but sadly very few English and Hindi movies play there.

Ok, now back to INNO description. I will generalize it to cater for the other hi-fi multiplexes here. This is the usual procedure. All sort of people come in after rigorous checking and get inside the theatre lobby. There are lots of food stalls there. Next step is to order something. The popcorn costs Rs.50 and the Pepsi costs Rs.60. the same thing in Kerala cost around Rs.10 and Rs.20. some people even take food in trays to the theatre. So overall the total cost of food comes around to Rs.150. We didn’t have anything from there. (Mainly because we didn’t have any extra cash with us at that point).

There is one more checking when we get into the theatre. The theatre is beautiful with silk drapings all over the place giving it a royal look. The seats are wide and comfortable and it has cup holder in it. The sound and video quality is same as that of any normal theatre. When it was time for interval some people came and asked if we want anything to eat. It was like a hotel and they were the waiters. When I thought of the Rs.50 popcorn I said no. the remainder of the movie was good and we came back happy because of the film and sad because of the theatre.

Monday, July 14, 2008

The first salary

Now all the freshers who have started to work and those who are about to work, the one significant day of their life is the day of the first salary. I got mine on 30th of June. I am not going to disclose how much it is (BCG guidelines) but it was a great moment for me. The whole of the money, my own money, much awaited money.
The day started with anticipations. Rumors spread around like
1)IBM is fooling us,
2) we will get only half months salary
3) those without pan card wont get salary (I didn't have a pan card at that time)

I guess that day might set a record in terms of net banking traffic in HDFC. All of us were constantly checking out our accounts every five minutes. the day wore off from morning to afternoon but still no money. Then around 2 pm Rakesh ( fellow IBMer) pinged me on Sametime ( chatting) ," Da, how much did u get?"

Guess I didn't hear much of what was being taught for next one hour as I was busy calculating and re calculating whether what they had credited to my account was right or not. The whole of money, my own money, much awaited money.

Now what to do with that money? Should I spend it all leaving just the bare minimal for survival. Pictures of new mobile, contact lens, new bike and new dress floated before my eyes. Then came sound of a harsh ring which destroyed my reverie. It was my father. He called me to congratulate me and some advices for spending the money. And at last he said to deposit a certain amount to mother's account.
The palace of cards that I had built earlier broke down. Evil thought came to my mind. Why should I give them my money? I earned it fair and square. Why do they need my money? They have all the money they want? But reluctantly I send some money to them (half of my total salary). The matter was still going on in my mind. Last week I went to my grandparents place. Even there I gave some amount of money to my grandfather, a sum of Rs 1000. Not that he required it but because my father insisted on it.
And then he remarked,' It is a real luck for me that I am alive still to see not only my son give me money he earned but also his son is giving me money. I don't need any money now. But the fact that he has given it has really made my day.'
' When I was working, I couldn't even make enough to fill my stomach. I had worked a lot and hard for many years before I could save some for my parents. when ever I was drawn to bad company or any unwanted commitment, I thought about my parents, how they had raised me all these years, how they look upon me and they care for me. It is this single thought that kept me going. And I hope the same will keep you going. Never leave behind your principles. There are three types of needs:
1) wanted needs
2) needs
3)unwanted needs
When I was working, the situation made me look after only my wanted needs. There was no money for my needs and unwanted needs. But now you work in a better place. You can take care of your wanted needs and needs because today's society demands it, and is needed for your own status and prestige. But never ever go for unwanted needs as they will pull you down. Keep this in your mind and work hard. My blessings will always will be with you. And as long as you have your parents and elders blessing, no one can harm you.'

These words had a profound reaction on me. All my complaints and sadness went away instantly. I saw the truth in his words and absorbed all of it. Guess one has to have a moral value and a path of truth to achieve what they want in their life.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Such is the twist of fate and the horrors of truth that often truth becomes stranger than fiction. Now this is not an unbelievable story or anything. This is what just happened to my life for the past one week.

I had got selected in IBM GBS through the campus selection from my college NITC. I was planning to go for higher studies. So this job seemed to be a good option as a buffer. And the brand name IBM installed so much confidence in me that I didn’t or rather didn’t try for any other company. When one has one job in hand, why bother with one more.

And this went on till the start of March when we received news that IBM is not planning to take people this year. Rather its like an extension of our offer letter. We have the job, but not now. There were so many of us, dejected and cursing IBM. But I took it as my fate and tried to think optimistically. If the offer letter comes late, then I will have time for studying for MBA which was my long term goal. And hence I started a leisurely life, going to parties, studying here and there for CAT, visiting relatives, playing badminton and table tennis and visiting friends etc.( like the trip in the previous post)

It was on 22st of may. The time was around 5.55 pm. I hadn’t checked my mail for two days. I had given my resume in different job websites. My father asked me to check if any mail from any company had come or not. Was thinking of checking it in the night. But by some sheer luck I decided to check then itself. And what did I find? There was this mail from IBM sent the previous day informing us that there was an aptitude test on 24th May at Cusat, cochin. And I had to confirm it by 6 pm that day. I replied immediately and informed warrier too. All night I was wondering about what the test will be.

Friday evening warrier came to my house and we decided to go together the next day. Since they had mentioned about refunding, we decided to go by ac coach in train. We got on from Punkunnam and sat in ac. We reached Ernakulam on time and made our way to cusat. We were skeptical about what we will find there. After walking a long long way in and out of cusat campus, we reached the place at last. There were many students present there but no IBM official. We waited and waited and waited. The test was supposed to start at 11. But due to some reasons it started only at 1. So we went to virus’s house to kill sometime. Sandesh and Ephrem and dj were there from my college (Btech). There was Jathin das too but we didn’t see him after sometime.

The exam was easy one. It was a 15 minutes exam and then there was an English test too. We had to call a no and talk to a pre recorded voice. All this went well and were informed that the results will be announced within 15 days. All well and good. But there was no time to spare because I got a call from IBM the next day afternoon informing me that I was selected and had to join on Tuesday. And that was 2 days later!!

Everything after that went in a hurry. Shopping, buying, packing, meeting relatives, getting blessings, everything. There was no time for anything. I got a ticket in bus barely and that too back seat. So I somehow made it to banglore and reported for job on the required time and date.

I just wonder. Just one week ago I was in the mood of Kerala trip and now I am a regular employee working 9 to 6. All of this in just one week!!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


This is that time of the year when there is plenty of free time and nothing to do. Well, my friends and I decided to visit each other’s houses and in the process visit the different places as well. So we all converged at Ernakulam for Lakshmi’s (classmate) birthday. The birthday was on 16th may. Friends came from all over Kerala. Our group had Britto and me from Thrissur, hari aka virus, Dona and Lakshmi’s from Ernakulam, anupa and arun kumar (a.k.) from Trivandrum and Joseph from Alapuzha and arun warrier (warrier) from Calicut. All the boys decided to stay at virus’s house. Anupa planned to go back the same day to Trivandrum.

I reached Ernakulam the previous day. I started from Thrissur at about 3 pm, boarded the bus at 3.30 pm. Virus’s house in on the way to ekm. But he and warrier and some others were in Fort Kochi. So I decided to go there and in the process will see the city also. The ekm city is developing in leaps and bounds. I was really wonder struck by the number of high rise buildings coming up there. Before ekm, Thrissur is nothing. The journey till Fort Kochi took almost one hour because of the traffic. And when I reached there, others were about to return. So I got on to one of their car and we went to the Merci hotel.

The roof top restaurant of the Merci hotel is very beautiful. The hotel has its back to the Cochin shipyard and the whole shipyard lighted in the dark night can be seen from there. The humidity was unbearable. There was a swimming pool in the middle of the restaurant. We almost wanted to jump in the pool because of the heat. We had light snacks and then started to virus’s house. We stayed the night there.

Next day morning, we started our journey from the marine drive. AK, Anupa and Britto reached the Bay pride mall and we also joined them.

Since it was laks birthday we thought of buying a card for her. There is an Archies shop in BPM. And we met there and bought a huge card for her. (see picture below)

We went to Barista. Now this is a very good shop. Different types of coffees, most of them unheard ones when one is visiting for the first time. But it gives the money’s worth cos the coffees come in glasses that are literally one foot long.

After barista we decided to walk around the marine drive. It was hot and nearing midday. All of us were indulging in cracking chalis in all possible ranges. Since anupa had to leave in the evening itself, boating was not an option as it would take more than 4 hours. So we decided to just roam around the city. The birthday girl was treating us the lunch. We went to a hotel named Khyber on top of Bimbis bakery. The food was good and satisfying. We were in the mood to experiment. So we ordered the dishes that we have never heard before. Thankfully the experiment was a partial success. If u ever see sea food tom yam soup, its nothing but some fish and prawn pieces in rasam!!

After the lunch we walked some way along marine road, went by bus and reached the BPM again. There was this Coffee Beanz shop there. The unbearable sun and heat made us walk inside without any hesitation. And guess whom did we saw there? None other than, Maria, the girl in the Malayalam movie, Notebook. We also made her pose for a photo with us.

We had a lot of delicious coffee ice creams from there. Dona joined us at Coffee Beanz. After that we had only an hour or so to spare. So we again started roaming the marine drive near the rainbow bridge. As the evening drew nearer, we started for the south station to drop Anupa. We were quite late actually. We reached the station just in time for the train with just five minutes to spare. We had the dinner at Pizza Hut. Now this is a pretty decent place to have food if we are ready to spend some cash. The pizzas were good and the IPL match in the TV kept us engrossed. We spend the night again at virus’s house. Warrier was going to Calicut that night at about 12. So we dropped him at the KSRTC bus stand. With heavy hearts we bid adieu to him. And hence only five of us were left at virus’s house. The next day was at veegaland.

The veegaland was as it was the last time I went there. There was only one new ride. VERTICAL FALL!!! Just the name makes you wonderstruck right. Well, only the name makes you wonderstruck because the ride is a very normal one. There is no fall. Only a slow descent from a ten storey height! It was so boring. The day went on smoothly and fast and before we knew it was evening, time for pack up. And we came back to hari’s house. The next day was a new venture. it was in Trivandrum tomorrow.

So late that night we boarded a KSRTC bus and reached Trivandrum early in the morning and the stay was at Daddy Cool’s house (ak). So we went there and slept for some time. Daddy had made some plans for us to see for the next two days. The first day we saw Neyyar dam and Kovalam beach. The next day we went to Meenmutti waterfalls. So by 8 or so we started for Neyyar dam. Its about 20 km from the city. We took a KSRTC bus and started our journey. One amazing thing about Trivandrum is that the no of KSRTC buses are more than the number of city buses. There are lots of them. Sometimes 3 to 4 buses are stopping at one stop going to the same general direction. We reached Neyyar by afternoon. There was this looney woman in the bus we went. She was sort of leaning to vasu’s shoulder initially and then shifted to virus’s legs. I think she is a crack pot. Whatever when we got down she was followed us. I was taking a few snaps of the scenery when she suddenly jumped behind us and said, “Can you take a picture of me?” We said no and literally ran away from there. Luckily for us she saw a foreigner and started following him.

The breath taking beauty of Neyyar dam is worth saying. The watery expanse, the Murugan’s temple with lots of devotional songs and bhajans, the endless stream of devotees, the constant line of people taking bath in the water, it was all a unique sight. There is a Lion reserve right in the middle of the reservoir. There is a safari too. But it being Monday it was closed. But the boating was open. We met a German couple there who also wanted to go boating. Together with two other people we went for boating. Lions are supposed to roam around in the island and there are rumors of crocodiles being in the area. We didn’t want to find out whether there are crocs or not. So we didn’t put our hands in water. The ride was for 30 minutes. We had our lunch in the garden behind the dam. It was homemade khichdi and it was too good. Hurray for ak’s mom.

After the Neyyar dam, we started for Kovalam beach. Daddy was constantly saying that we will bath there. We were not so sure. We just had one extra set of clothes and didn’t was it to get wet. We reached there by 4.30 and run for the light house which closes at 5. We somehow made to it and climbed it. It was breathtaking on the top. It was one of the few views that one will ever see. The never ending expanse of sea on one side and the coconut trees covering the building on the other.

It was beautiful. There was such a calm and serene atmosphere on the top. The gentle breeze added to the effect. It was wonderful. One tends to forget all the things in the world, all the things that matter to him, all the attachments, the feelings, the people, the noise, the memories, everything. Our mind becomes blank and only the vast expanse of the sea filled my heart with warmth.

Was that too philosophical?? When I showed it to my friend, tears started coming from his eyes. (Not because he was moved by it; “why are you torturing me like this?”)

Anyways after coming down from the light house tower, we just changed and charged into the water. One amazing thing about the Kovalam beach is that it’s shallow for about 100m. One can really go deep into the beach. Of course there are life guards but they are not really needed. We played there for about 1 hour and then made our way back to ak’s house. The next day was at meenmutti waterfalls.

The meenmutty waterfall has an infamous history. It was at this place 6 years ago that 8 dental college students were drowned in flash floods when they were swimming in the water. We were not held back by it and went ahead to the falls. The falls is almost 45 km from the city, on the way to Ponmudy. It was a long journey. We started early. Real early! We started at 5.20 am. And that was real early for us. And the bus slowly wound the way around the small hills and curving roads and reached the waterfalls by around 7.30. The main entrance of the falls opens only at 8. So we waited for some time and took the pass and went inside. Another very interesting thing about this falls is that to reach the falls one has to trek in the jungle for about 2 kms.

And off we went deep into the jungle, clawing our way through the dense foliage removing branches and leaves and roots form the path. And at last we reached the falls. It was beautiful. Tell you what. This post is getting really long. I will continue the remaining journey in the part two of the Kerala trip.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008


coming up soon.... getting more details... hari i need your expertise on this.. please contact me as soon as possible... :)


How is the hostel life different from a day scholar’s life? Any daysci would say it’s not that different and that they have as much fun as the hostellers have, while the hostellers would beg to differ. Let us see what the truth is. I asked one of my friends who is a daysci to detail his day on both a weekday and a weekend. And I have compared it with an average hosteller’s day. Here it goes:

p.s. the hostel mentioned here is the F hostel of NIT Calicut.

WEEKDAY (consider a Monday of s8 semester)



7 am

Getting up


7.30 am

Getting ready


8.00 am

Reached college

Getting up

8.10 am

In class

Reached college

10.15 – 11.15 ( free hour)

Library, computer centre etc

Sleeping in hostel, coffee shop, canteen etc for breakfast

12.15 am

Lunch in canteen

Lunch in mess


Going to hostel rooms of friends/ going back home

Its DOTA* time/ movie time/sleep time/net surfing time in hostel


Said something about doing projects and all in labs but I really didn’t understand it

Badminton/ fours (a type of football with just 4 players)/ chit chatting with girls till 7/ chitchatting with boys (all boys aren’t fortunate/unfortunate to have girl friends.

7 pm

Going home, studying, watching TV etc

Dinner time in mess

After 7

Having dinner, again studying (seriously can’t think of anything else that can be done)

The real fun time, movie watching, lan surfing, computer gaming, talking on everything under the sun and sometimes about things over it.

11 pm

Sleep time J goodnight!!

Most active phase of the hostel. Going to MC (mini canteen), drinks time for those who desire it etc.

WEEKEND (nearing the end of semester; pretty easy to make for a hostel nivasi)



8 am

Getting up


Morning time till about 11 am

Doing misc house work


12 noon


Getting up, brunch time


Doing some work, god knows what

Lazing around, what work is being done will ultimately end in an afternoon siesta


--------I don’t know--------

Recovering from the afternoon nap, takes time till dinner time


-----Same as weekdays-------

-----Same as weekdays-----

I guess this gives a rough estimation of what all dayscis are missing. The first daysci reacted by saying that all we do is sleep. Well, sleep in the morning is in compensation for the time we were awake in the night. The average sleeping time is nearly at 2 am. This can extend to up to 4am. But I am not sure if this is a correct representation of all the dayscis. Any daysci who begs to differ are free to comment and correct me.

* Defense Of The Ancients (the ever growing popular game of warcraft. Try it out. It’s really good)